Want a super sexy and dramatic look? Try stacking your lashes!

Some may wonder..."why would someone want to stack 3D Mink Lashes?" The answer is to get a super dramatic look with even more depth and dimension! If you want to show up and show out, stacking your lashes may be just what you need!

Hey Lashdolls! If you desire a super bold, attention grabbing look, stacking eyelashes will do the trick. You can create a customized look by choosing 2 different styles which have different volume and lengths or you can simply stack two of the same style for extreme volume.


Select two pairs of your favourite 3D Mink Lashes. There are two ways you can go about stacking your lashes.

3D004 and 3D639

Method 1

Stack the lashes before application.  Line the lash bands up and apply glue to the two pairs of lashes at the same time. Wait until the glue gets tacky (30 seconds) They apply as close as possible to your lash line.  This method is a good idea if you’re intending to wear the false eyelashes stacked for numerous applications.

3D639 stacked on top of 3D004

Method 2

Apply one set of lashes as close as possible to your lash line, then apply the second set as close as possible to the first lash making sure that they line up together.

So there you have it Lashdolls! Stacking your lashes is super easy but gives amazing results. Create unique custom designs! Try stacking longer lashes with our shorter (spaced out) styles. A more dramatic popular combo has been also been 3D04 stacked with 3D621 or 3D005.

3D004 with 3D639 stacked on top

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